The National Youth Science Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of delegates representing Mississippi, Montana, and North Carolina to the 2012 National Youth Science Camp. Two delegates are selected from each state for outstanding performance in STEM fields, and will be traveling to Camp Pocahontas, West Virginia to represent their states. They join delegates from select international partner nations for four weeks residence at Camp Pocahontas. Delegates will be arriving to Yeager Airport on June 27th, 2012. To learn more about the National Youth Science Camp program, click here. To learn more about the 2012 National Youth Science Camp, please visit the program page. To see all the delegates selected for the 2012 National Youth Science Camp, visit the yearbook.

Anna Liang
State/Country: Mississippi
Hometown: Boyle
High School: Mississippi School for Math and Science
College Plans: Washington University in St. Louis
Major: Biological Sciences
Professional Plans: Medical Researcher
Interests: Gardening, Hiking, Music, Reading, Running, Traveling, DIY projects
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1 wang_charlotteCharlotte Wang
State/Country: Mississippi
Hometown: Starkville
High School: The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
College Plans: Yale University
Major: Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Professional Plans: undecided
Interests: Cards, Movies, Music, Reading, Running, Traveling
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1 brester_kyleKyle Brester
State/Country: Montana
Hometown: Missoula
High School: Big Sky High School
College Plans: University of Montana
Major: Computer Science or Biological Sciences
Professional Plans: Researcher
Interests: Biking, Gardening, Hiking, Movies, Music, Reading, Traveling, Walking; Web Design
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1 nemetchek_michelleMichelle Nemetchek
State/Country: Montana
Hometown: Missoula
High School: Big Sky High School
College Plans: University of Montana
Major: Chemistry
Professional Plans: I aspire to become a scientific researcher, and push the boundaries of science as we know it.
Interests: Cards, Chess, Gardening, Hiking, Music, Photography, Reading, Running, VideoBlogging, YouTube
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1 somashekar_greeshmaGreeshma Somashekar
State/Country: North Carolina
Hometown: Cary
High School: North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
College Plans: Stanford University
Major: Biomedical Computation
Professional Plans: Medicine
Interests: Biking, Camping, Hiking, Music, Reading, Running, Sports, Creative Writing (poetry, short stories), Piano, Singing
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1 kuznetsov_ivanIvan Kuznetsov
State/Country: North Carolina
Hometown: Raleigh
High School: William G. Enloe HS
College Plans: MIT OR Johns Hopkins University
Major: Biomedical Engineering/Material Science
Professional Plans: Academic Job
Interests: Chess, Reading, Sports, Traveling,Skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving
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