NYSAcademy Staff

Ryan Haupt, PhD

Executive Director


W: (304) 205-9724, ext. 2

Kiona Y. Meade

Director of National Youth Science Camp (NYSCamp)


W: (304) 205-9724, ext. 3

Dr. Ryan Sincavage

Ryan Sincavage, PhD

Associate Director of WV



W: (304) 205 – 9724, ext. 5

Nathan Sams, EdD

Associate Director of Programming

and Development


W: (304) 205-9724, ext. 6

Office Manager


W: (304) 205-9724, ext. 1

Jeff Henderson

Facilities Operations Manager


W: (304) 205-9724, ext. 8

WV Programming Coordinator


W: (304) 205-9724, ext. 90


Ronald G Pearson (Chair)

George Bennett, Ph.D.

Melissa Bucci-Laue

Jill L. Cochran

Michael Dybel

J. Scott Freshwater

David Hackleman, Ph.D.

Beth Kinne, J.D., LL.M.

Ron Walters, Sr.

Haywood D. McCallum, Jr. 

Aaron Morris, Ph.D.

Jack Rossi

Ron Walters, Jr. 

Darcie Boschee

Michael Stark

Mary Anne Tomson

Ex Officio Trustees

Chalice Keith
NYSCAA National President

Trustees in Memoriam and Trustees Emeritus

Charles Cochran
Chairman Emeritus

Joseph M. Hutchison
Chairman Emeritus

Thomas N. McJunkin, Esq.
Trustee Emeritus

Senator Martha Wehrle
Trustee Emeritus

L. Newton “Newt” Thomas
Treasurer Emeritus

Charles “Charlie” Jones
Trustee Emeritus

Charles “Charlie” McElwee
Trustee Emeritus

James “Jim” Shuman
Trustee Emeritus

Elizabeth “Betty” Chilton
Trustee Emeritus

Dennis Wootan
Trustee Emeritus