Current Sponsors (2023-2024)


Jeff and Melissa Laue

Northrop Grumman

United States Department of State

State of West Virginia


Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation


Daywood Foundation

Dow Chemical

Mark Thomas Schreck

Martha Gaines and Russell Wehrle Foundation

The Pianfetti Foundation

Tucker Community Foundation

H.B. Wehrle Foundation

WV Department of Arts, Culture, and History



Jill Cochran

NASA WV Space Grant Consortium

Joshua Seth Peters

Dr. Anita Lynn Riddle

Society for Science

Past Sponsors

We appreciate your patience as we update this list. Thank you for your prior support!

This page is updated quarterly based on a review of donations, sponsorships, and grants received by the National Youth Science Academy. If you have any questions or believe there is an error or missing sponsor above, please contact us here.