National Youth Science Camp

A residential honors program with a curriculum including science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Delegates representing each state, Washington, DC, and several countries are invited to participate in the program the summer after high school graduation.

NYSAcademy’s Lecture Library

The National Youth Science Foundation’s Lecture Library is an on-demand service that provides past programming lectures to the general public. Visit our Youtube Channel here to see the newest videos.

STEAM Seminars

A series of public-interest lectures on STEAM topics at various convenient locations, such as the Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences and the Davis Campus

STEAM Explorations Field Trips

A two-day program for classroom groups of students and teachers. This program includes field trips, drone technology, cybersecurity, coding, makerspace/technology activities, and introductions to STEAM research. Specific content varies and is customized to students’ and teachers’ needs.

STEAM Adventures Summer Day Camps

A week-long program conducted as day and/or residential camps, including outdoor recreation opportunities and special events.

STEAM Conference

A one-day event that showcases activity and achievements in STEAM. This program consists of a traditional science conference format (concurrent sessions, keynote speaker and poster presentations) and STEAM competitions (such as science fairs, BRITE Challenge, etc.).

STEAM Teaching

Credit-bearing professional development activities for pre-service and in-service middle school and high school teachers. Specific activities include observations and participation in NYSA STEAM education programs or workshops at the Davis Campus or other suitable location.

We currently have staff certified as facilitators for Project Water Education Today (via WVDEP), Project Learning Tree (via WV Division of Forestry), and Project WILD (via WVDNR), which can be used to teach educators about environmental and wildlife topics in their classrooms.