Alumni of the National Youth Science Foundation’s programs are responsible in many ways for the organization’s continued success.  While many of our Alumni are active members of their alumni organizations, and contribute financially to the NYSFoundation, perhaps more important is the expertise they share as presenters in our programs.

As leaders in their fields, our alumni are able to give back to the NYSFoundation by presenting lectures and directed studies on cutting edge science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) topics.  These presenters and guests also provide inspiration and mentorship for our program participants, demonstrating that scientists are people too, with human interests and personal stories. This personal interaction between experts and our participants is critical in the promotion of science as a viable study and career path for young people.

Without this crucial contribution, the National Youth Science Foundation wouldn’t be able to operate it’s unique programs. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge, time, and enthusiasm, please visit our presenters page for more information.  If you are interested in supporting the NYSFoundation financially, you can donate here.

In addition to the presenter program, the National Youth Science Foundation and it’s alumni have developed a number of tools and organizations to encourage contact among the alumni, and the planning of alumni reunions.

  • National Youth Science Camp Alumni Association – The original Alumni Association. Since the first class of the National Youth Science Camp in 1963, the NYSCAA has promoted the National Youth Science Camp, and encouraged the interconnection of it’s alumni.
  • NYSF Collaboratory – The NYSF has created this online social destination to help connect alumni, presenters, staff, and donors who support the mission of the NYSF to inspire lifelong engagement and ethical leadership in STEM.
  • The National Youth Science Foundation Blog – We post major program updates, classic photos from our archives, news about the foundation and other foundation news here.
  • The National Youth Science Foundation on Facebook – The official page. Like us to get all the above news fed into your news feed.  No spam, we promise!
  • NYSFoundation – The National Youth Science Foundation on Twitter.  Originally just updates from National Youth Science Camp, this feed has grown to encompass updates from all our programs.  This is the account to follow for the most up to date program information.  Want to know when there is ice cream at Laura Dill? When groups get back from their overnighters? Then this is the feed for you!

Our Alumni have been crucial in supporting and shaping the National Youth Science Foundation since it’s beginning.  We deeply appreciate all they’ve done in promoting and securing the future of the NYSFoundation.  We especially love being able to share our alumni’s achievements and success stories.  If you have news you’d like to share with us (about you, or other alumni) please contact us.