Delegates to the 2010 National Youth Science Camp already know that Tony Coiro, NYSC alumnus (IN 2008) and staph member (2009-10), transformed an old motorcycle into one that runs on electricity and that its batteries can be charged by flip-up solar panels. Now, the rest of the world is learning about his innovations. Read articles in the news here.

From Tony’s web site: “This summer at NYSC, I was sitting with one of the camp’s alumni at dinner. Our conversation started normally but, as all conversations at science camp do, it began to get nerdier as we talked about energy, technology and patents. Graphs and math begin to form on napkins. The alumnus was one of the most knowledgeable and insightful people I have ever met but, by the time desert arrived, I realized I had no idea who this guy. So I asked him. He lowered his voice so the other people wouldn’t hear him and said “My name is Wes Bush, I’m the president and CEO of Northrop Grumman.” The rest of desert was kind of a blur – partially due to the realization of who I was sitting with but mostly due to modesty in how he said who he was. It was an incredibly transformative experience and one I’ll never forget. LESSON: You are always interviewing!”