wood_alexisDear generous contributor,

I’m pleased and ecstatic to inform you that your hard-earned and kind contribution has gone to make this crazy adventure we call the 2011 National Youth Science Camp, an experience of a lifetime. It has made an indelible mark, not only on my summer after graduating high school, but also on my future plans as a professional and as a citizen of science.

Through your contribution, you’ve enabled 117 enthused and impassioned students including myself to spend 3 weeks exploring the gorgeous landscape that is West Virginia, as well as exploring ourselves, and our deep connection and appreciation of science. For me and countless others who have been involved in the program, our time at Camp Pocahantas reaffirmed our dedication to the science fields. At the same time it has united us with others who share the same intelligence, passions, and quirks, something many of us might never find again. Between the staph, delegates, lecturers, and all those connected to the program, past and present, your contribution means more than a summer away. Indeed, it means a summer at home. Home with those with whom I have become lifelong friends. Home where I could indulge in an informative and breakthrough lecture and discussion, twice a day, seven days a week. Home where I could learn a new sport, meet someone from a foreign country, and explore my interest in the medical field by way of a human hand dissection all in the same day. Home where memories were made, never lost. This home could not exist without your participation.

With this experience fresh in our memories, the delegates like myself move on to the next new adventure in our lives (which for most of us is a prestigious university) knowing more about who we are and the missions of success our lives are soon to take us on. With us we take new interests, new passions, new colleagues, new friendships, all furnished by NYSC completely free of charge. In this way, you should consider your contribution towards each of our $5,000 fees as an investment, guaranteed to be realized in the massive dividends that the successful futures of the campers are sure to bring. Please believe me that you are very significant in helping build the paths to lead them to these future successes.

From a very grateful delegate, thank you.

Sincerely and warm regards,

Alexis Wood, CA 2011