sung_ki-jooDear Contributor,

I would like to start off with a simple THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting one of the best experiences of my life.

As a 2011 delegate of the National Youth Science Camp, I have found my life completely altered in a mere timespan of less than a month. The academic opportunities presented through this program have solidified my passion for the sciences; after all, not only were we exposed to intellectually engaging lectures and directed studies with topics ranging from one side of the academic spectrum to the other, we were also provided with this unique opportunity to interact with some of the world’s smartest youths and tomorrow’s leaders.

Camp Pocahontas was a place at which I did not have to fear trying new things. In fact, the staph and other delegates at camp would encourage one another to try something new for the first time every day, whether it was an activity or a new food. The outdoors program at NYSC was also spectacular; ranging from rock climbing to white water kayaking, Camp Pocahontas truly was a haven for learning how to appreciate nature’s gifts.

I never would have believed that in a span of three and a half weeks, I would form friendships that would last a lifetime. But I have. The people at this camp, both delegate and staph, are absolutely amazing in their own ways. I began this journey with a sense of uncertainty and apprehension, and I ended it with over a hundred new friends from around the world. Yet this journey is not truly over. My experiences and memories from the National Youth Science Camp will forever be held close to my heart as I venture on to the “real world.”

I will conclude with the same words as before: THANK YOU! Without your generosity and contribution, I would not have gained an experience that had opened my eyes to what the world can offer me and what I can offer the world. It has been an honor to be able to participate in the National Youth Science Camp and experience the beauty that grows within West Virginia.


Ki-Joo Sung, MI 2011