Brian Tucholke

Brian Tucholke
Dr. Brian Tucholke To Lead Directed Study
On Geological Evolution of the North Atlantic Ocean

Dr. Brian Tucholke, 1964 delegate to NYSC from South Dakota and scientist emeritus at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA, will lead a directed study on the geological evolution of the North Atlantic Ocean, June 28-30, at NYSC.

Plate tectonics theory as developed over the past four-five decades has been a powerful tool for both explaining and predicting the structure and evolution of the earth. Dr. Tucholke said that in this directed study, delegates will:

• Survey the basic tenets of plate tectonics and investigate how they have controlled the evolution of the North Atlantic Ocean basin,
• Use geologic maps and apply general geologic principles to construct geologic cross sections from the eastern margin of North America out to the axis of the Mid-Atlantic Range,
• Examine North Atlantic basin structure, ocean circulation and sedimentation patterns from the time of initial rifting in Late Triassic time up to the present using a map-series of plate reconstructions,
• Consider the structure of North Atlantic oceanic crust and how it is created at the axis of the present Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

“Attending the NYSC as a representative from South Dakota in 1964 was a remarkable and unforgettable experience. It’s a great pleasure to return and share a lifetime of learning in geology with young and enthusiastic NYSC attendees,” Dr. Tucholke said.