Julie Robinson
Julie Robinson
International Space Station Program

Dr. Julie Robinson, a 1985 delegate to NYSC from Idaho, and chief scientist of the International Space Station Program at NASA will present “Eureka on the International Space Station” at 9:15 a.m., July 5, at NYSC.

Dr. Robinson said that scientists are trained to be observers, but “we are just as vulnerable as anyone else about the unstated assumptions we make in understanding the world around us.

“From physics, to cell biology, to human physiology, scientists are now able to test their assumptions about the role of gravity in shaping and even masking our understanding of the universe. I will share some of the eureka moments that have come from taking gravity out of the equation, as scientists carry out their research on the most capable laboratory ever built in space.”

Dr. Robinson will also share how her interdisciplinary scientific interests were the “perfect preparation” for being a scientific leader of an interdisciplinary laboratory and explain how students can get their experiments onboard the space station.