Congratulations on your selection to serve as a member of the Staph of the 2020 National Youth Science Camp!

General Information

  • Staph with the Right Stuph – 2018 edition
  • Staph List
  • Calendar – subject to change and please do not share!
    • LD Dinner Theater will happen.
    • Green Bank Observatory will happen.
    • Camp Allegheny on Independence Day will happen (pending weather) – we may have a picnic at Camp Pocahontas.
    • Cass is unlikely.
    • Farewell Banquet will happen – at a location in DC.
  • Staph Database – This is where you’ll enter a bunch of information and upload forms, documents, etc.
  • Staph Reports
  • Packing Lists:
    • Packing List for Delegates
    • Staph Supplement:
      • _____ Black pants or skirt and a white shirt to wear when serving as wait staph during the L.D. Dinner Theater.
      • _____ Khaki shorts or pants to wear with your staph shirt (used on the first day and for photo)
      • _____ An extra towel for staph week (the laundry service might not start that early).
      • _____ Outrageous and crazy clothing that would supplement our vast, eclectic on-site collection of SPAM.
        • SPAM = Special Props and Materials
      • _____ Your favorite recipe for the staph dinner (a meal that we cook ourselves post-camp).
      • _____ Books for evening readings or cabin library.
      • _____ A check or sufficient cash to pay your Camp Store Staph Tab at the end of the summer. 



  • IRS Form W4
  • USCIS Form I-9 (downloadable and fillable – may not display in some browsers)
  • USCIS Form I-9 (printable)
  • WV/IT-104 (for residents of West Virginia only)
  • Medical Form – we’re using the same form as the delegates, but you are not required to have a physical examination. Please complete only the information that you want to share with our medical staff.

Required Training BEFORE Arriving

Abuse Training: You are required to complete the online Scouts BSA Youth Protection Training with a passing score prior to their service as a member of the NYSCamp Staph. When you successfully complete the training the system will send you a certificate by E-mail (it may take an hour or so for this to be processed). Please upload the certificate to the staph database.

First Aid and CPR: The NYSF requires that all staff members have a current certificate for First Aid and CPR comparable to the course provided by the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross certificate is valid for 2 years. Many colleges and universities offer this course or an equivalent free of charge. If you do not have a current certificate, please complete the American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Training (or equivalent) prior to your travel to West Virginia. You can search for classes in your area online . An equivalent course may be substituted. Please keep your expense receipts for reimbursement. Please upload your certificate to the staph database.

Outdoor Leadership and Safety Training in June

We have partnered with Appalachian Expeditions who will provide us a 5-day outdoor leadership/safety training for all staph from June 8th to June 12th. All office, program, and outdoor staph (with only a couple of already predetermined exceptions) are expected to participate in this training. We will cover all of your expenses for the training, but (like the First Aid and CPR training) we will not pay you for your time participating in this particular training. More details to come soon.


All staph who fly to camp will fly in and out of Dulles International Airport (IAD). Pre-camp office staph work activities and will be at the NYSCenter in Davis, WV.  All staph training and pre-camp preparations will also be based out of Davis.

Selected office staph are expected to arrive by Sunday, May 31st and will work at the National Youth Science Center the first week of June.
All other staph are expected to arrive on Sunday June 7th.

Please run any travel plans through the director ( prior to booking travel.


Contact Information

Brian E. Kinghorn, PhD

Assistant Director
Josh Stevens
office: 304-205-9724 x95
mobile: 304-621-0822