After an energetic game of capture the flag near the cabins at Blackwater Falls State Park, the students moved to a new set of STEM activities. Students learned about the physics of a trebuchet with Amy, programming in Python with Avanti, and stream ecology with Gavin. The afternoon included a wide variety of seminars. Dinner was a special treat tonight as we dined in favorite restaurants in Davis in small groups. And finally, on our return to Blackwater Falls State Park, the group attended a talk about geology in the Blackwater Falls State Park Lodge.

Photo Gallery – YSI – Day 5


Thursday, July 27, 2017

7:00 AM Wake Up
7:30 AM Morning Activities

  • Capture the Flag with Amy and Quinn
8:30 AM Breakfast in Your Cabin
9:15 AM Transport to NYSCenter – Meet in Circle to Board Buses
9:30 AM STEM Activities

  • Trebuchet with Amy (Group A)
  • Python with Avanti (Group B)
  • Stream Study with Gavin (Group C)
12:30 PM Lunch at the NYSCenter (Back)
1:30 PM Recreational Activities

Seminar Blocks
Seminar Block I 1:30- 2:55

  • Logic Problems with Quinn in the Computer Lab
  • Nature Stamps with Amy and Molly in Conference Room 2
  • Improv with Mason in Conference Room
  • Geocaching with Chalice in the MakerSpace Lab

Seminar Block II 3:05 – 4:30

  • Linguistics with Hunter in the Computer Lab
  • Canvas Painting with Amy in Conference Room 3
  • Complexities of Trees and Simplicity of Life with Mason in Conference Room 1
  • Music with Avanti and Molly in Conference Room 2
  • DND Systems with Gavin meet in the MakerSpace Lab
4:45 PM Transport to Davis – Meet in REC Lobby
5:00 PM Small Group Dinner

  • Hellbender Burritos
  • Barrel’s Brewhouse
  • Big Belly Deli
  • Siriani’s
6:30 PM Transport to Blackwater Falls State Park Cabins
7:00 PM Transport to Blackwater Falls Lodge Conference Center – Meet in Circle to Board Buses
7:30 PM STEAM Whole Group Activity – Blackwater Falls Lodge Conference Center: Dig It! A Visiting Geologist at Blackwater Falls State Park. A visiting geologist with the West Virginia Geologic and Economic Survey presents an evening presentation about “The Mountain State”. Program includes examples of rocks and an introduction to what lies beneath the surface in an informal yet interesting presentation.
9:30 PM Snacks and Cabin Time
10:30 PM Cabin Meeting
11:00 PM Lights Out