Today was quite busy for the Youth STEAM Institute. Many students walked to view the Blackwater Falls just after sunrise. Then, at the NYSCenter, groups of students rotated through the second of three sessions exploring applied STEM topics (drone technology, Arduino, and 3D printing). Afternoon activities (see below) ranged from Origami to drum circles to mountain bike riding along the Blackwater River. After a cookout under the canopy of trees adjacent to the cabins at Blackwater Falls State Park, we traveled to Canaan Valley State Park for a talk by Carnegie Mellon astronomer Diane Turnshek about ‘Dark Skies.’ As we watched the crescent Moon set and the skies gradually darken, we caught the International Space Station transit the clear night ski. The Milky Way Galaxy became visible and we observed both Jupiter and Saturn (with rings quite visible) through telescopes.

Photo Gallery – YSI – Day 3

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

7:00 AM Wake Up
7:30 AM Morning Activities

  • Basketball with Gavin
  • Blackwater Falls Lookout with Mason and Chalice
8:30 AM Breakfast in Your Cabin
9:15 AM Transport to NYSCenter – Meet in Circle to Board Buses
9:30 AM STEM Activities

12:30 PM Lunch at the NYSCenter (Back)
1:30 PM Field Trips/ Recreational Activities

1:30 – 2:30

  • Modular Origami with Amy
  • Google Earth Topographic Overlay with Gavin
  • Exploding Kittens with Mason
  • Trivia with Hunter
  • Water Crafts with Quinn
  • Drum Circle with Molly
  • Bike Ride with Andy

2:30 – 3:30

  • Water/Air Rockets with Avanti

3:30 – 6

  • Blackwater Falls State Park (Paddleboats, Kayaks, and Canoes)
  • Canaan Valley State Park (Swimming)
6:00 PM Dinner: Cookout at Cabins
7:00 PM STEAM Whole Group Activities

  • Canaan Valley State Park
  • 7:30pm Stars Above
9:30 PM Snacks and Cabin Time
10:30 PM Cabin Meeting – Stargazing
11:00 PM Lights Out