covacevich stipicich_tamyDear Contributor:

This last July I lived a lifechanging experience in the wonderful state of West Virginia. After attending to the NYSC I realize how closed minded I was a month ago in relation to science, people and myself, because in camp I was challenged in every way possible: Physically, because I did things I never thought I could do like climbing a rock, kayaking or playing an ultimate Frisbee match, but also mentally, because I had the opportunity to explore things and topics unknown for me, like statistics applied to the building of an helicopter or recent updates on breast cancer treatments. The atmosphere I lived in camp was the best I ever experienced, so thank you for contributing so people like me, an international student, have the chance of meeting friends sharing the same interests and motivation for learning.  Never doubt this is the best investment you can do, youth is the future and NYSC is a great supporter for its development.

Tamy Covacevich, Chile 2011