jung_rebeccaDear Contributor,

Picture yourselves hiking through the woods, the buzzing of small insects near your ear, the sweet sound of the wind rushing by as you continue onwards, tired and restless, but so very determined and excited to see what lies ahead these rocky steps, these vegetation and some plant life you’ve never seen before. The breeze blows stronger as you ascend the stony slope, arms reaching out to brush away a couple of branches ahead. You don’t keep count of time. Watch your legs climb. Never knew before you are that strong. A small bird tweets next to you and you look up. Your feet stop themselves, glued to the grassy ground. Eyes glow brightly at the sight.

You are now on top of the world.

That feeling remains one of my most memorable among the many others I was able to experience during my time at the National Youth Science Camp. Staying at Camp Pocahontas was amazing by itself, and surely only a few science programs can give you the best of both worlds in the sciences and the outdoors. 3 weeks, and I gained all these brothers and sisters I never have before and met many astonishing and interesting people I long to talk to and have intellectual discussions with. I was taught lessons and skills that will truly be useful in not only the scientific field, but in society—and in nature—as well.

For providing me and the 116 other NYSC-ers the opportunity of a lifetime, I honestly and sincerely thank you. It means so much to me to be able to experience so many amazing things, from science-related directed studies to adventuring out in the open, through woods and waters, up in the rocks and down in the caves, of Wild West Virginia, and share them with my friends—now, certainly, family—and underclassmen of mine that will certainly be interested in NYSC and its fun, intellectual, and, most of the times, ingeniously and comically random activities.

Attending the camp was a right choice I made without regrets. Being able to attend the camp without any financial worries was a miracle. I thank you for this miracle.


Kanlayanin Rebecca Jung, NJ 2011