Charleston, WV — The NYSF held a strategic planning session on Saturday, December 8, 2012. Facilitated by Dr. Jim Shuman (IA 1963), the all-day session included discussions about the vision and aspirations of the NYSF. As a former director of the National Youth Science Camp and retired chairman of the Department of Education at St. Lawrence University, Dr. Shuman was well equipped to facilitate the activities of the day. In addition to considering the program of the NYSF, the sessions also considered plans to develop the National Center for Youth Science Education.

The NYSF will meet again in April and to consider goals and objectives and to establish measurable milestones, related costs, as well as a mechanism to evaluate the strategic plan. A revised written strategic plan will be a result of these meetings.

Participating in the meeting were:

  • Dr. Jim Shuman (IA 1963), NYSC Director (1986-87)
  • Hon. Ronald Pearson, Trustee
  • Ms. Jill Cochran, Trustee
  • Mr. Zane Gresham, Trustee
  • Ms. Beth Kinne, Trustee
  • Dr. Melanie Kitzan, Trustee
  • Dr. Mac Louthan, Trustee
  • Mr. Haywood ‘Woody’ McCallum, Trustee
  • Dr. Todd Stozberg, Trustee
  • Mr. Dennis Wootan, Trustee
  • Dr. Andrew N. Blackwood, Trustee, Executive Director, NYSC Director (2002-2011)
  • Ms. Desiree Henriksen (WY 2001), NYSC Director (2012-2013)
  • Ms. Lynne Schwabe, Director of Development
  • Mr. Josh Stevens (NY 1997), Education Coordinator
  • Mr. Josh Peters (LA 1999), president of the NYSCAA
  • Ms. Jenny Newland, executive director of the Canaan Valley Institute
  • Ms. Nikki Barone, legislative consultant to NYSF