The directed study series at the 2011 National Youth Science Camp begins today.

Directed studies are hands-on, interactive small group experiences that last 60 to 75 minutes on each of three consecutive days. They are frequently investigative in nature and provide opportunities for active student participation. During the study, the presenter provides a model and a close guiding hand. The participants are able to pose questions, develop conceptual understanding through exploration, and draw conclusions. Delegates participate in one directed study in each of three blocks.

Block 1: July 2 – 4

  • Bioethics – Should We Do Everything in Science That We Can Do? with Drs. Elizabeth and Sam Hensley
  • Practical Statistics with Dr. Alyson Wilson
  • Origami and Mathematics with Dr. Tom Fleming
  • Artificial Lighting and the History of Physics with Dr. Paul Miller
  • Weather – Why Do Pilots Care? with Dr. Bruce Carmichael
  • Genomics – Using Genetic Tools to Identify Unknown Bacteria with Dr. Stephanie Dellis
  • Silk Screen Printing with Mr. Alex Kinn and Ms. Kylie Stevens
  • Frisbee Physics with Mr. Dan Perry
  • The Great Outdoors with the NYSC Outdoor Staph