As the mountains of West Virginia come alive and regain their magnificent color with theblackwood_andy arrival of spring, we turn our attention to our flagship program, the National Youth Science Camp, and we need your support to ensure that this program is successful. I hope that you will consider empowering the NYSC with a charitable donation. You may contribute online at Delegates attend the NYSC without charge only because of the financial support from people like you; please, help us continue this tradition.

For more than fifty years, the NYSC has honored the nation’s best and brightest STEM students and challenged them to establish a leadership role in their chosen fields. By most measures, alumni of the NYSC are very successful: nearly 45% have earned doctoral degrees, more than 85% are working in a STEM-related occupation, and almost 10% serve in leadership positions. The opportunities offered to aspiring scientists at the NYSC are designed to help forward the goals of the nation to retain its global leadership in STEM.

While the NYSC has evolved over its more than five decades of service, the NYSF maintains its dedication to the long-term success of the NYSC and other critical STEM programs based on this proven educational model. The potential impact of the NYSC is great, but we need your help more than ever to continue to offer STEM education programs to promising students without charge.

I hope that you will join our effort to inspire and challenge the next generation of STEM leaders in the United States by empowering the NYSC. The NYSF is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Proudly from West Virginia and forever yours in STEM,

Andrew N. Blackwood, Ed.D.
Executive Director

P.S. In the spirit of friendly competition, the Empower NYSC crowdfunding site tracks contributions by NYSC class. If you are willing to help our effort by encouraging your NYSC classmates to contribute and reach your class’ goal, please contact Dr. Andrew Blackwood at and he will provide a list of names and contact information.