Dr. Mike Elsbury
Dr. Mike Elsbury
Dr. Mike Elsbury To Unlock Mysteries of Aether
In Directed Study on Radio Frequency Engineering

Dr. Mike Elsbury, 1999 delegate to NYSC from Idaho and currently a senior electrical engineer at Sandia National Laboratories, will present a directed study at NYSC July-8-10 entitled, “Unlocking the Mysteries of the Aether: Radio Frequency Engineering.”

During the directed study, delegates will explore major concepts of electromagnetic waves and propagation as they study the history of the field, from Maxwell’s equations through modern communications technology. They will then build and test their own FM transmitters similar to a music player adapter for a car stereo.

Elsbury recalled a unit leader during his camp experience telling him, “Success is not measured in taking adolescents who are lost and putting them on a straight and narrow path of drive and desire; true success is taking young adults who are blinded by a singular path and instilling in them such broad and varied interests that they leav here with no idea what they will do or where they will go, only that they will excel in accomplishing many, many great things.”