The second day of directed studies entailed the delegates participating in a wide array of activities, ranging from dissecting hearts, to folding computer generated proteins.

During a brief glimpse of sunlight, a group of delegates traced pig hearts, locating the coronary arteries with diagrams and pins. On the opposite side of camp, another group learned about the benefits and detractions of chocolate. A collective gasp filled the room as they found out what doctors typically believe people are actually allergic to when they are “allergic” to chocolate; cockroaches. There are typically eight ground up insect parts in each bar of chocolate!

Fingerprints were the focus of the CSI group, who left fingerprints on soda cans and plastic bags for the others to trace back to them.

The delegates learned about many other topics today, including erosion, protein folding, neuroscience, flavonoid extraction, and the behind the scenes workings of startups.

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