National Youth Science Camp delegates spent the morning at the University of Charleston, participating in educational programs and talks hosted by the UC College of Pharmacy, attending the annual Martha Wehrle Opening Lecture, and relaxing on the campus green. After lunch, delegates and staph boarded busses and motored down to Camp Pocahontas, where they’ll be spending the majority of camp.

Delegates listened to lectures and participated in hands-on activities spanning a wide variety of pharmacy-related subjects.


Jon Boggs and Dan Carder were the speakers at the Martha Wehrle Opening Lecture, discussing the Volkswagen diesel emissions fraud lawsuit from both ethical and engineering standpoints.





Delegates and Staph alike battled it out in a game of Ultimate Frisbee on the University of Charleston green.






Arriving at Camp Pocahontas, delegates began moving into the cabins they’d be calling home for the next three and a half weeks.