Dear Contributor,

My name is Sara Vaclavik, and I was one of this year’s delegates to the NYSC, from the state of New Hampshire. I would like to take a moment to thank you for your support to a program that has since offered me one of the richest experiences of my life.

As I discovered during my time at camp, the intensity of the NYSC program is alone enough to make it worthwhile. Spending nearly a month’s time in close association with a select group of delegates, staph*, and presenters; finding oneself subject daily to lessons intellectual, interpersonal, and intimate; having the sense of at once experiencing growth in self as well as in community-these are some of the qualities that make time at the NYSC both distinctive and invaluable, and they certainly are some of the reasons that have compelled you to continue donation to the program.

And for that choice to contribute, I thank you. Your kindness has since given me a depth of experience that I can only hope to encounter again, but that I know calls for gratitude just as deep.

Sincerely yours,

Sara Vaclavik, 2010 NYSC – New Hampshire

* As you well know, a definitive side effect of the NYSC experience