Michelle White
Michelle White
Michelle White – Florida

Michelle Ling White

City:  Tallahassee
School:  Lawton Chiles High School
College Plans:  University of Pennsylvania
Major:  Environmental Studies & Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (VIPER)
Professional Plans:  Energy Researcher (PhD)

Honors:  National Honor Society, AP Scholar, Mu Alpha Theta, National Merit Finalist Honors Performance Series Carnegie Hall Finalist 2017 & 2018, National AP Scholar, Several MUN awards.

Activities:  Orchestra, Speech and Debate, Science Olympiad, Model United Nations.

Michelle also enjoys hiking, watching movies, running and biking and playing jazz and viola. She loves nature in its purest forms, learning new languages and looking at art. Michelle hopes to learn everything there is to learn while at camp this summer.

Looking forward to meeting you at the 2018 National Youth Science Camp, Michelle!