Fabiola Silva Araujo
Fabiola Silva Araujo
Fabiola Silva Araujo – Chile

Fabiola “Fabi” Constanza Silva Araujo

City:  Vilumanque, Concepción
School:  The Thomas Jefferson School
College Plans:  University of Concepción
Major:  Aerospace Engineering
Professional Plans:  Scientific Investigation in Engineering

Honors:  May 2017 – Finalist at the Antarctic Scholar Fair, Punta Arenas, Chile, October 2017 – First place in the Technology category at the XX National Fair of Science and Technology of the University of BioBio, Concepción, March 2018 – selected to participate in the science camp Bayer Kimlu, Huilo Huilo biological reserve, Chile

Activities:  Speech and Debate, “SIMES” science academy

In addition, Fabi enjoys reading, listening to music and musicals, writing and photography. She likes traveling, camping and biking. Fabi would be interested in teach Flamenco Spanish dance and would love to learn yoga, drama and how to be better at chess.

We look forward to meeting you at the 2018 National Youth Science Camp, Fabi!