The National Youth Science Foundation is pleased to announce selection of delegates representing Brazil, California, and Chile to the 2012 National Youth Science Camp. Two delegates are selected from each state for outstanding performance in STEM fields, and will be traveling to Camp Pocahontas, West Virginia to represent their states. They join delegates from select international partner nations for four weeks residence at Camp Pocahontas. Delegates will be arriving to Yeager Airport on June 27th, 2012. To learn more about the National Youth Science Camp program, click here. To learn more about the 2012 National Youth Science Camp, please visit the program page. To see all the delegates selected for the 2012 National Youth Science Camp, visit the yearbook.


1 ferreira_rafaelRafael da Silva Ferreira
State/Country: Brazil
Hometown: Araguaina
High School: Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Tocantins State – Campus Araguaína
College Plans:
Professional Plans: Engineer of Software
Interests: Biking, Camping, Chess, Hiking, Movies, Music, Photography, Reading, Running, Sports, Traveling, Develop Programs; Talk; Among other things;
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1 goncalves_yasmimYasmin Goncalves
State/Country: Brazil
Hometown: Uberlandia, Minas Gerais
High School: Messias Pedreiro High School
College Plans: University of Uberlandia(UFU)
Major: Discover the cancer
Professional Plans: Well, I plan to graduate in Chemistry. After, I intend to do the post graduation in Biochemistry and invest in areas of research related to cancer.
Interests: Camping, Cards, Gardening, Movies, Music, Photography, Reading, Sports, Traveling, Rock climbing and kayaking.
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1 ho_nhiNhi Ho
State/Country: California
Hometown: Los Angeles
High School: Santa Monica High School
College Plans: Harvard University
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Professional Plans: Doctor
Interests: Biking, Camping, Cards, Gardening, Hiking, Knitting, Movies, Music, Photography, Reading, Traveling, Video, Learning new languages
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1 gubba_virupVirup Gubba
State/Country: California
Hometown: San Jose
High School: Lynbrook HS
College Plans: M.I.T.
Major: Bioengineering
Professional Plans: Med School and Neurosurgeon OR work at a Biotech company
Interests: Biking, Cards, Chess, Hiking, Movies, Photography, Running, Traveling
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1 astorga jelvez_patoPatricio Astorga Jelvez
State/Country: Chile
High School: Colegio Coya
College Plans: Universidad de Chile
Major: Engineering
Professional Plans: Working on innovative projects
Interests: Movies, Music, ReadingJuggling clubs and riding unicycle
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Catalina Moll Elgueta
State/Country: Chile
High School: Liceo Aleman del Verbo Divino Los Angeles
College Plans: Universidad Catolica de Chile
Major: Biochemistry
Professional Plans: Research
Interests: Hiking, Movies, Photography, Reading, Running, Sports, TravelingCooking
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1 cerda pimentel_andyAndres Cerda Pimentel
State/Country: Chile
High School: The Angel’s School
College Plans: Universidad De Chile
Major: Computer Science
Professional Plans: I’d like to run my own videogame company
Interests: Cards, Movies, Photography, Reading, Sports, VideoComputers, Debate
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1 gaete riquelme_fabianFabian Gaete
State/Country: Chile
High School: San Fernando College
College Plans: University of Chile
Major: Major in Biotechnology
Professional Plans: I want to be part of the stuff of doctors without borders
Interests: Biking, Camping, Gardening, Hiking, Movies, Music, Photography, Running, Sports, Traveling, VideoNon
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