The 2018 National Youth Science Camp delegates have returned from their three-day adventure in Washington, DC. The trip started with a walking tour of the National Mall Monuments, which included the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, MLK Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial.

“I was completely overcome with awe when I entered the World War II memorial, because it really showed the magnitude of people who fought and died for our country. The war impacted so many and I am glad I was able to pay my respects to them,” said Elizabeth Skelly of Missouri.

The delegates ended at the National Academy of the Sciences, where they chatted and took various group photos with the large Albert Einstein Memorial outside.

On the second day, around twenty delegates had the opportunityhad a chance to visit the M.C. Escher Collection displayed at the National Gallery’s Research Area, led by Dave Masunaga. It was a rare opportunity to see original works and special items in one place, and remarkably, the curators allowed the delegates to study them in extreme detail without glass.

All of the 2018 National Youth Science Camp Delegates then had an opportunity to choose which museums and galleries they wanted to visit around the National Mall. Some small groups visited the Natural History Museum, Hirshhorn Gallery, Air and Space Museum, National Portrait Gallery, and the National Archives.

After spending the day exploring Smithsonian museums, the 2018 National Youth Science Camp delegates changed into business causal clothes to visit the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for a panel discussion on Public Policy.  “With respect to my future in STEM, this has piqued my interest in a number of fields that I may not have considered,” said Evan Mizerak, of Massachusetts.

On the final day, the delegates visited the senate for the annual luncheon hosted by Senator Joe Manchin before heading back to Camp Pocahontas.

A more extended photo gallery can be found here when available.