One of the wonderful things about the National Youth Science Camp is that delegates express different backgrounds and personal experiences. Throughout camp, delegates have an opportunity to demonstrate their talents through after dinner entertainment, art projects, chorus practice, and band groups.

However, the delegates finally had an opportunity to lead both mini lectures to showcase their scientific research and teach their fellow delegates in short seminars.

The delegates that took advantage of this are:

  • “Understanding Epigenetics” with Evan Mizerak
  • “Chucking Clouds with Machine Learning” with Daniel Lee
  • “How to increase or decrease muscle concentration with chemistry” with Chris Thang
  • “GK Bot” with Paula Perez Bianchi
  • “How we can and will solve climate change” with Michael Chang
  • “Where math meets biology” with Maya Mysore
  • “Pilgrims and Piezoelectricity” With Carols Corvalán
  • “Teeny Tiny Time Machine” with Addison Green
  • “Learning to Program with Arduino” with Albert Kodua
  • “DIMOS: A Novel, low-poser logic gate architect” with Swaggat Bhattaharyya
  • “Self-sustaining terrariams, a new means of living” with Samantha Williams
  • “American Sign Language” with Zena Pare
  • “Bolivia Presents” with Andrés Choque
  • “Financial Literacy-ish” with Daniel Jiménez
  • “Composting with worms” with Rachel Wagner
  • “Physics of Music” with Sebastián Vallejo

This was a good opportunity for delegates to support each other in their past scientific journeys, as well as spark conversations between shared interests and new topics.

A more extended photo gallery can be found here when available.