Wednesday morning, the two delegates from Louisiana, Josh Wang and Olivia Gotte, raised their state flag at the end of the morning announcements on the green.

The 2018 National Youth Science Camp delegates learned about soap making, amateur radio, and model UN during yesterday’s seminar lectures.  Staph* member Alayna Meade taught a group of delegates the dance moves to the popular K Pop song “As If It’s Your Last” by BlackPink in the Rec Hall.

Directed studies also ended today; some of those included:

  • “Essential Oil Extraction from Native Plants using a home microwave” by Dr. David Hackleman
  • “How to Assess Wetland Ecosystems at Multiple Scales: A Wetland Interview” by Dr. Ralph Garono
  • “Exploring Microbiomes” by Dr. Kara Tinker
  • “Human Pathology” by Dr. Charles Clevenger
  • “Effective Leadership and Dynamic Followership” by Captain Kristen Sanfillipo

After dinner, Kathryn Jin from IL and Ronak Malde from SC sang “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz while Chris Thang from TX accompanied them on the piano. Then, Chase Lee from AZ and Michelle White from FL played Passacaglia by Handel on their violins. Both received standing ovations.

A more extended photo gallery can be found here.

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*Staph is a traditional spelling for “Staff”; our enthusiasm and energy are infectious!