GREEN BANK, WV – Students are arriving today for the 2012 West Virginia Governor’s School for Mathematics and Science at Green Bank. Selected state-wide for their outstanding performance and interest in the fields of math and science, these young scientists will spend two weeks working alongside teachers and scientists at the Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Students are rising 9th graders and will utilize the unique facility resources at NRAO Green Bank to explore self-guided, group-focused scientific research.

In addition to these research projects, students will have the opportunity to explore other subjects through a comprehensive lecture series, a circuit of multi-day directed studies, and a number of afternoon seminars presented by the staff of NRAO, the teachers leading each group, and the student mentors. These features of WVGSMS at Green Bank give students the opportunity to explore a wide spread of subjects and activities, and encourages the students to develop a diverse set of interests.

The 2012 West Virginia Governor’s School for Mathematics and Science at Green Bank also includes a comprehensive outdoor adventure program. Well positioned in the heart of the Monongahela National Forest, WVGSMS offers activities that include backpacking, regional field trips, and mountain biking. Along with more traditional recreational activities, the outdoor adventure program allows students and staff members to interact in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages life-long physical activity.

The West Virginia Governor’s School for Mathematics and Science is operated as a partnership between the National Radio Observatory and the National Youth Science Foundation. The specialized expertise and experiences of these organizations produces an ideal team to operate the 2012 WVGSMS in a unique and irreplaceable way. To get all the updates from this program, please visit the 2012 WVGSMS website.