Dear Editor,

I would like to take time to thank you and praise your wonderful state. In coming to the National Youth Science Camp, I expected to run upon new discoveries, but I never expected one of those discoveries to be the beautiful state of West Virginia. I never knew that there were so many natural wonders hidden in the West Virginia mountains. Who needs to pay for an expensive foreign vacation when there are beautiful waterfalls, streams, rock formations, and amazing views right in our own United States of America? I’ll admit, I wasn’t too excited about my very first over night hiking trips, but after hiking in the Red Creek area, my mind was blown at the amazing sights I saw. The people of West Virginia are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place and I would like to thank you for sharing your wonderful state with us science campers.

At the National Youth Science Camp, I grew as a person, I grew academically, I grew socially, and I expanded my horizons. I was exposed to new cultures, new ideas, hobbies, subjects, and even languages. I have never been immersed in a stimulating environment such as the National Youth Science Camp. From building complex origami with business cards, to writing polyalphabetic codes, I was challenged to think on a level I had never before encountered. However, I am glad that I was challenged to do so.

The delegates at the National Youth Science Camp were able to meet with and interact with some very amazing people. Not only did we find interesting personalities in our fellow delegates, we also had the opportunity to listen to multiple lectures from very prominent individuals. This provided us with connections and contacts that I know will be of great use in our futures.

Ultimately the National Youth Science Camp impacted my life and other delegate’s lives in multiple ways. This camp truly was an indescribable experience, and I can honestly say that “I wanna wake up in the morning, where the Rhododendron grows.” Thank you for sharing your state with us.


Erika Oliver, KY 2011