Editor, the Gazette:

I recently had the opportunity to attend the National Youth Science Camp in Bartow as the Michigan delegate. From the moment I arrived to my plane ride home, I experienced the mixed emotions of happiness, curiosity, and sadness. Little did I expect to leave this three-week long camp closer to delegates from across the country and world than peers from my graduating class.

Overnight trips, seminars, and lectures shaped my experience at camp. The three overnight trips that I embarked on included mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking. Being inexperienced in all three of these allowed me to gain knowledge of both the outdoors and my personal strength.

Lectures, seminars, and directed studies also inspired me. My favorite directed study involved the dissection of a human arm. At first, I never thought I would work up the courage to participate, but once I started, it only reinforced my passion for medicine. All of these experiences and many more, together, changed my life. Moreover, each and every delegate with their diverse groups of perspectives, backgrounds and ideas made this possible. I could have never imagined a more intellectually stimulating summer than the one I spent at the National Youth Science Camp.

Felicia Nip, Woodhaven, Mich.