President Obama Town Hall in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Usina del Arte, Weds. Mar. 23, 2016

President Obama said,

Gino Tubaro, 2013 NYSCamp Argentina

It’s where a young person can learn skills in the state of West Virginia in the United States, and put them to work right here in Argentina. So, Gino Tubaro, who’s here today — where’s Gino? Somewhere. (Applause.) There we go. All right, Gino. (Applause.)

So Gino is a great example. He was tinkering with 3D printing as a teenager when, through the U.S. Embassy, he participated in a National Youth Science Camp in West Virginia. Then he learned about the latest 3D printing technology. When he came home to Argentina, he co-founded a company that used these new skills to work. He received a request from a woman looking for a prosthetic hand for her young son, Felipe. And typically, those hands can costs tens of thousands of American dollars. Gino “printed” a new hand for Felipe for far less. Just a few weeks later, for the first time, Felipe could ride a bike, go fishing, do many of the things that normal children do. And since then, more than 1,000 Argentinians have signed up for Gino’s help.

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