Join us for as Dr. Kelly Weinersmith discusses careers in parasitology and nature’s zombie makers!

National Youth Science Foundation is excited to announce the kickoff of the Spring 2021 STEM Seminars! The STEM Seminar Series will feature lectures and Q&A sessions on a variety of STEM topics. Our current series for Spring 2021 will be virtual and feature four speakers focusing on each letter of the STEM acronym. Topics will be appropriate for middle and high school WV students, each seminar will be 1 hour long and feature a short lecture with ample time for Q&A.

The first STEM Seminar will take place March 18, 2021 from 10:00am to 11:00am via Zoom.

Dr. Kelly Weinersmith studies how host behavior influences risk of infection with parasites, and how parasites subsequently change host behavior and correlations between host phenotypic traits. Weinersmith is particularly interested in parasites that manipulate the phenotype of their hosts to increase the parasite’s likelihood of transmission. She is an adjunct assistant professor at Rice University in the BioSciences Department.

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