The National Youth Science Academy has embarked on a bold plan to construct a STEAM Campus in Davis, WV. The Campus will allow the NYSAcademy to improve and expand its programs and become a focal point for an informal science education that encourages and inspires youth to pursue scientific careers.

Facing the challenges of developing a master plan that would preserve the best attributes of the existing NYSCamp while expanding the educational program, the NYSAcademy retained the architectural firm of Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Goettel (PWWG) with Brandstetter Carroll Inc. Through a series of visioning sessions and meetings with staff, building committee, and board of trustees, PWWG developed a facility program and Master Plan. The Master Plan considers the site in its entirety and provides a vision for a predominately pedestrian oriented, sustainable learning community consisting of educational, housing, dining, recreational and support facilities. By embracing the Campus’ remote mountain setting and creating a place that is part scientific community and part scientific field station, the Master Plan seeks to engage and inspire students in their scientific explorations and professional journeys.

  • Ariel View of NYSCenter Campus
  • Athletic Field
  • Flag Poles
  • Basketball Cour / Shelter
  • Gathering Cirlce
  • Tennis Courts