DAVIS, WV – The fall season of the 2012 Youth Science Discovery Experience (YSDE)  began today at the Canaan Valley Institute (CVI) in Davis, WV.  Students, teachers, and scientists from across West Virginia will begin work today their research projects today, launching a 3 month-long course of investigative research.  During these months, participants will reconvene at CVI for three research sessions, spanning a weekend each. At the conclusion of these sessions, the research teams will present their research subjects in a colloquium for their parents, peers, and representatives from the National Youth Science Foundation.

New to this program is the inclusion of online research journals, prepared by the research teams.  Visit the 2012 YSDE program site to see their progress.  Additionally, this website will include photos, and updates from program session weekends.  Please join the National Youth Science Foundation in wishing these students congratulations in their selection, and good luck in their research endeavors.