Tessa Mott (ME) plans to attend Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vt. However, Mott is still undecided about her major. During this directed study block, she picked an activity that focused on the identifying symptoms of sick patients in the Emergency Room. Tessa Mott said, “It was really fun to figure out what was wrong with the patients based on the information provided.” She really enjoyed the challenge and hopes there are more medical based activities in the future. 

The other directed studies offered during the second block of NYSCamp included:

  • Maker Culture: The Reality Tour with Mr. Shiva Rajagopal
  • Experimental Economics and Science Policy with Dr. Amy Diduch
  • Medicinal Plant Chemistry with Dr. Rebecca Linger
  • Controlling Brains with Dr. M. Andres Mostajo- Radji
  • The Human Body Mechanic with Dr. Emily Huang
  • Making Tomorrow’s therapies: Genetically Engineered Cells with Dr. Leo M. R. Ferreira
  • Seeing Nature as an Enviromental Scientist with Gavin Caup
  • Let’s Break it Down! with Molly Blackwood and Grace Anne
  • The Great Outdoors with Outdoor Staph*

Directed studies are an interactive, small group experience. Directed studies are conducted for 90 minutes on each of three consecutive days, are often investigative in nature, and provide opportunities for more personal involvement. During the directed study, the presenter provides a model and a close going hand; the participant show be able to pose questions, develop conceptual understanding through exploration, and draw conclusions. 

*not misspelled; a traditional NYSCamp spelling to show an infectious enthusiasm.

An extended gallery is available here.