The hustle of fly-in calmed down and delegates begin to settle into their spaces at NYSCamp. The first full three days of NYSCamp were filled with the first block of directed studies, they included:

  • Mathematics of Games with Dr. Tom Fleming
  • There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea with Dr. Katie Inderbitzen
  • Mini Subterranean Robotics Challenge with Mr. Nick Ohi
  • Fabulous Fossils: Surveying of all Life on Earth in Two Days with Mr. Ryan Haupt
  • Design GM’s Next Mobility Product! with Mr. Will Dickson and Ms. Jadel H. Davis
  • Human Pathology: The Basis for Modern Medicine with Dr. Charles Clevenger
  • The Science and Industry of Photovoltaics: How they work and what you can do with them with Mr. Jeff Gilbert

Directed studies are an interactive, small group experience. Directed studies are conducted for 90 minutes on each of three consecutive days, are often investigative in nature, and provide opportunities for more personal involvement. During the directed study, the presenter provides a model and a close going hand; the participant show be able to pose questions, develop conceptual understanding through exploration, and draw conclusions.

A more extended gallery can be found here once available.

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