The National Youth Science Foundation is pleased to announce selection of delegates from Peru to the 2011 National Youth Science Camp.

Maralyn Sapata

Ms. Maralyn Zapata Piscoya lives in Chiclayo and attended Karl Weiss High School. She plans to study education at Pedro Ruiz Gallo University and become a teacher.



Diana Rodriguez

Ms. Diana Rodriquez Torres lives in Chiclayo. No information is available about what high school she attended or where she intends to go to college.



Elena Manani

Ms. Elena Mamani Paredes lives in Arequipa and attended the Institution Educatica 40202 “Charlotte.” She plans to study chemistry and engineering at the National University of San Agustin. Her career plans are undecided.



Berenisse Castro

Ms. Berenisse Castro Davalas lives in San Felipe-Comas and attended Colegio Mayer Secundario Presidente del Peru. She plans to study environmental science at La Molina and become an environmental engineer.



Cyndel Cabballero

Ms. Cyndel Cabballero lives in Lima and attended Colegio Mayor Secondario Presidente del Peru. She plans to study genetics at Harvard and do research on autism.



Cesar Jimenez

Mr. Cesar Jimenez Alegria lives in Chaclacayo. He attended the Colegio Mayor Secondario Presidente del Peru. He is undecided about where she will attend college.