2010 NYSC Farewell Banquet Remarks – Michael Lindeborg

How’s it going, NYSC!!!

About a week ago, I lay snuggled up with some of my fellow delegates upon a rocky precipice warding off the lurking beasts of the dark and discussing life in all of its different forms. And as I lay there, my body crooked along the rock formation that made Northfork all that it is, I looked up at the stars and thought about time in the grand scheme of things and how this moment I had would be one among the seemingly infinitely many of my life. I thought what could 3 ½ weeks mean in comparison to the months and years? What meaning does NYSC have in the grand scheme of life- in the matrix of time, 3 ½ weeks appears to be almost nothing. Then I realized, although we can’t control time, its passing is entirely subjective. Time, to me, is defined by the experiences that fill it, not by the ticking of the clock.